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Union County property sales

NOVEMBER 1, 2017– MARCH 15, 2018

  • You are permitted to stay eight (8) days (9 a.m.-5 p.m.) or 8 nights (24 hour period) per month during the CWCS.
  •  It can be 8 consecutive days or one or more days at a time during the week or on the weekend.
  •  If a day or night is spent at another owner’s property or vice versa during the specified time, this will be counted as part of the 8 days for each party.  This applies no matter how many maintenance fees are paid.
  • Gate card use and days are monitored closely. Anyone caught trying to stay longer will be brought before the Board and fined a minimum of $500.

Important Information To Keep Handy

  • SECURITY:    765-580-9023 – Program this into your cell phone - for emergencies only
  • Office:           765-458-7719
  • Fax:              765-458-7707
  • Web-site:       www.heritagehillscg.com
  • Office e-mail:  heritagehillscampground@yahoo.com
  • Park Address – 5943 S. State Road 101, Liberty, IN 47353
  • Frontier – if you need a phone landline: 800-299-1171

GREEN LOT ID NUMBERS ON YOUR SITE Union County has mandated that all
lots should have the green numbers that are easily seen on every lot. The Number kits are available in the office for $8.00. You will need nails or screws to attach the signs and they should be put towards the front of your lot so they can be easily seen by emergency responders. This could mean the difference between life and death if the EMTs cannot locate your campsite.


Good things to know!!
  • CHECK YOUR GOLF CART INSURANCE if you have unlicensed, underage drivers in your family. Not all insurance companies will cover them which means if they cause an accident, you will not be covered and will be responsible for any damage caused - you could be sued.
  • GOLF CARTS OUTSIDE THE PARK - As soon as children drive through the front gate, they are no longer covered by the Heritage Hills "14 years old driving age" and are not legal drivers.  Under Indiana state law, only licensed drivers can drive golf carts.  Children are also not allowed to drive on the property owned by the businesses outside of the campground gate.